Thursday Friday

12:30 Registration
13:45 Official opening - VP1
14:00 Invited talk - VP1
  Chair: Gábor Galambos
  Thomas Pock: Learning better models for imaging
15:00 Coffee break
  Session A - VP2 Session B - MP1
15:30 -- 16:45 Practical applications 1 Formal languages and automata
    Chair: Thomas Pock   Chair: Miklós Krész
15:30 Dino Vlahek, Tadej Stošić, Tamara Golob, Domen Mongus and Miloš Kalc:
Method for estimating tensiomyography parameters from motion capture data
Pál Dömösi, József Gáll, Géza Horváth and Norbert Tihanyi:
Pseudorandom Number Generators Based on Compositions of Automata
15:55 Aljaž Jeromel, Mitja Žalik, Matej Brumen and Niko Lukač:
Visualization of 3D Earth using GIS services
Madeeha Fatima and Benedek Nagy:
On the Combination of Finite State Transducers and Finite Automata with Translucent Letter
16:20 Orsolya Kardos, András London and Tamás Vinkó:
A simulator to study the stability of network centrality measures
Zsolt Gazdag:
On the membership problem for some classes of random context grammars
16:45 Coffee break
17:15 -- 18:30 Practical applications 2 Scheduling
    Chair: Gerhard Reinelt   Chair: Ulrich Pferschy
17:15 András London and Imre Gera:
Portfolio selection based on a configuration model and hierarchical clustering for asset graphs    
Zsolt Ercsey, Nándor Vincze and Zoltán Kovács:
Process network solution of an extended multi-mode resource-constrained project scheduling problem with alternatives
17:40 David Podgorelec, Andrej Nerat and Borut Žalik:
Statistics-based chain code compression with decreased sensitivity to shape artefacts
Olivér Ősz and Máté Hegyháti
Energy usage minimization with the S-graph framework
18:05 Amar Bapić, Enes Pasalic and Samir Hodžić:
On the notion of duals of certain AB functions
Máté Hegyháti, Olivér Ősz and Tibor Holczinger:
Empirical Study of S-graph Approaches for Limited-Wait Storage Policy
19:30 Conference dinner
08:30 Registration
  Session A - VP2 Session B - MP1
09:00 -- 10:00 Influence maximization and centrality Knapsacks, bins and facility location
    Chair: Ervin Győri   Chair: Benedek Nagy
09:00 László Hajdu and Miklós Krész:
Sketch-Based Influence Maximization in Generalized Negative Model
Ulrich Pferschy, Joachim Schauer and Clemens Thielen:
Complexity and Approximation of the Product Knapsack Problem
09:15 Eszter Csókás and Tamas Vinko:
On the solutions of an exact model for influence maximization
János Balogh, József Békési, György Dósa, Leah Epstein and Asaf Levin:
A new and improved algorithm for online bin packing
09:30 Eugenio Angriman, Alexander van der Grinten and Henning Meyerhenke:
Scalable Algorithms for Group Centrality in Large Graphs
Nina Chiarelli, Matjaž Krnc, Martin Milanič, Ulrich Pferschy, Nevena Pivač and Joachim Schauer:
Fair division of indivisible goods with conflict constraints
09:45 Viktor Homolya and Tamas Vinko:
Centrality measures and matrix factorization in weighted signed networks
Anna Elisabeth Kastner, Peter Greistorfer and Rostislav Staněk:
Advanced facility location models for the placement of charging stations in e-mobility
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 -- 12:10 Practical solving hard problems 1 Graphs 1
    Chair: Borut Žalik   Chair: Gabriel Istrate
10:30 Boglárka G.-Tóth:
On a possible use of optimality conditions in interval Branch and Bound methods
Sandor Szabo and Bogdan Zavalnij:
Splitting partitions and clique search algorithms
10:55 Martin Milanič, Nevena Pivač and Jernej Vičič:
An ILP Formulation for the University Timetabling Problem at UP FAMNIT
Sandor Szabo and Bogdan Zavalnij:
Combining algorithms for vertex cover and clique search
11:20 Julian Reisch, Peter Großmann and Natalia Kliewer:
Conflict Resolving - A Maximum Independent Set Heuristics for Solving MaxSAT
Bela Csaba:
A new graph decomposition method for bipartite graphs
11:45 Péter Egri, József Váncza, Ádám Szaller and Judit Monostori:
Simulation Framework for Evaluating Production Networks        
12:15 Lunch
14:00 -- 15:25 Practical solving hard problems 2 Graphs 2
    Chair: Andrej Brodnik   Chair: József Békési
14:00 Dániel Zombori and Balázs Bánhelyi:
Parallel Global with Low Thread Interactions
Uros Cibej and Jurij Mihelič:
A polynomial-time algorithm for recognizing subgraph-symmetry-compressible graphs
14:25 Csaba Meszaros:
Interaction of hardware and implementation in large-scale optimization
Csaba Beleznai and Daniel Steininger:
Graph-based structure estimation and correlated motion tracking in queueing situations
14:40 Jesse Beisegel, Maria Chudnovsky, Vladimir Gurvich, Martin Milanič and Mary Servatius:
Generalizations of simplicial vertices and a new polynomially solvable case of the maximum weight clique problem
Attila Tóth:
Graph model for machine configuration and workload balancing problem in multiple product PCB assembly
14:55 György Dósa, Hans Kellerer, Attila Tomas Olaj and Zsolt Tuza:
Online scheduling with estimates on the total size
András London and András Pluhár:
Graph Clustering via Generalized Colorings
15:10 Gabriel Istrate, Cosmin Bonchis and Claudiu Gatina:
It's not whom you know, it' what you (or your friends !) can (help you) do: game-theoretic measures of helping centrality in social networks
Ervin Gyori, Michael Plummer, Dong Ye and Xiaoya Zha:
Cycle Traversability for Claw-free Graphs and Polyhedral Maps
15:25 Conference closing - VP2