Thursday Friday

12:30 Registration
13:45 VP1
Official opening
14:00 Invited talk Chair: Gábor Galambos
György Turán: Interpretability of deep-learned error-correcting codes
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 – 17:00 VP2 MP1
  Machine learning Chair: György Turán Algorithms complexity Chair: Benedek Nagy
15:30 Alain Quilliot:
Surrogate Component Approach for a Synchronization Problem
Munqath Al-Atar and Attila Sali:
Approximate Keys and Functional Dependencies in Incomplete Databases With Limited Domains--Algorithmic Perspective
16:00 Tamás Storcz, István Kistelegdy and Zsolt Ercsey:
Building energy demand regression
David Podgorelec, Luka Lukač and Borut Žalik:
Local reflection symmetry detection in Earth observation data
16:30 József Békési, Gábor Galambos, András Kelemen, Imre Papp and József Tolnai:
A Neural Network Based Classification Algorithm for Asthma Using Capnography
Tomaž Dobravec:
Exact time measuring challenges
17:00 Coffee break
17:30 – 18:50 VP2 MP1
  Graph Theory – 1 Chair: Ervin Győri Discrete Optimization Chair: Borut Žalik
17:30 Bela Csaba, Andras London and Andras Pluhar:
Oriented discrepancy and anti-discrepancy in dense graphs
Zsuzsanna Nagy, Ágnes Werner-Stark and Tibor Dulai:
Solving Data-driven Dynamic Capacitated Arc Routing Problems
17:50 András London:
Overlap of random spanning trees in complex networks
Haifa Jammeli and Jerome Verny:
Intelligent system process for Home Delivery Problem in the city of Paris
18:10 Peter L. Erdos and Tamás Róbert Mezei:
A fast clustering algorithm for Interference Minimization in Future Wireless Networks
Janos Balogh, Gyorgy Dosa, Lars Magnus Hvattum, Tomas Attila Olaj and Zsolt Tuza:
Covering a square with consecutive squares
18:30 Péter Kardos and Richard Farkas:
Text and Graph Embeddings for the Knowledge Graph Matching task
Boštjan Slivnik and Uroš Čibej:
A new exact bound for the length of a 2-increasing sequence
19:00 Conference dinner
08:30 Registration
9:00 – 10:00 VP2 MP1
  Graph theory – 2 Chair: Uroš Čibej Optimization - 1 Chair: Andrej Brodnik
09:00 Ervin Gyori:
The maximum number of short paths in planar and outerplanar graphs
Tamás Kis, András Kovács and Csaba Mészáros:
Robust bilevel programming with uncertain follower objectives
09:20 Clément Dallard, Martin Milanič and Mirza Redžić:
Classes of graphs with tree-independence number at most two
Eszter Julianna Gyulainé Csókás and Tamás Vinkó:
Approximations of influence diffusion inspired by exact models
09:40 Matjaž Depolli and Bogdan Zavalnij:
Eliminating vertex coloring in clique search
Mihály Gencsi and Boglárka G.-Tóth:
Simplification of the KKT optimality test in Interval Branch and Bound method
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 – 12:00 VP2 MP1
  Miscellaneous – 1 Chair: Gyorgy Dosa Optimization - 2 Chair: Gerhard Reinelt
10:30 Uroš Čibej and Ervin Győri:
Subsets without arithmetic subsequences: computational experiments and unsatisfiable cores
Andrej Brodnik, Bengt J. Nilsson and Gordana Vujovic:
Online Bin Covering with Exact Advice
11:00 Benedek Nagy:
On relations of Watson-Crick finite automata to other computational paradigms
Máté Hegyháti:
Systematic generation of precedence based MILP models with P-graphs for multipurpose scheduling problems
11:30 Hasmik Sahakyan, Levon Aslanyan and Gyula Katona:
Notes on Identification of Monotone Boolean Functions with Machine Learning methods
Sandor Szabo and Bogdan Zavalnij:
Clique relaxations of zero-one linear programs
12:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 VP2 MP1
  Miscellaneous – 2 Chair: Miklós Krész Parallel computation Chair: Gyula Katona
14:00 Tamás Vinkó:
New methods for maximizing the smallest eigenvalue of grounded Laplacian matrix
Gábor Kusper, Tibor Tajti and Imre Baják:
Implementing the Parallel CSFLOC SAT Solver using Dynamic Variable Reordering
14:20 András G. Hubai, Géza Meszéna and Beáta Oborny:
Mapping of transition rates between matrix population models and lattice models
Jurij Mihelič:
Experimental comparison of parallel implementations of DTW algorithms
14:40 Pál Dömösi, Géza Horváth and Adama Diene:
The advantages of DH-Cipher
Gábor Kusper, Imre Baják and Benedek Nagy:
Using Extended Resolution to Represent Strongly Connected Components of Directed Graphs
15:00 VP1
  Conference closing